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Orthodontics for Children in Las Vegas

At Aloha Orthodontics, we’re committed to setting the foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

At Aloha Orthodontics in Las Vegas, we understand that early orthodontic evaluation for children is key, not necessarily to start treatment immediately but to identify potential issues as soon as possible. While many children may see an orthodontist by the age of 7, this early intervention allows our specialist to detect any orthodontic concerns promptly and plan the best course of action tailored to your child’s unique needs. This strategic approach enables us to determine the most opportune time to begin treatment.

Dr. Chelian & our team treats children for a variety of orthodontic issues such as:

– Overlapping Teeth
– Jaw Growth Complications
– Crowded Teeth
– Tooth Development Anomalies

Here are a few reasons why you should consider booking an initial orthodontic consultation for your kid:

Early Detection: We can identify subtle problems with jaw growth and the positioning of emerging teeth while primary (baby) teeth are still present.

Comprehensive Evaluations: Even if your child has straight teeth, it’s crucial to undergo a detailed assessment. Straight teeth do not always equate to a healthy bite or properly aligned jaw.

Bite Monitoring: Your child’s bite might appear normal now, but our orthodontist will track its development over time, ensuring any adjustments are made as needed.

Preventative Care: Taking proactive steps can avert significant dental issues later in life, saving your child from complex treatments during their teenage years or adulthood.

Correcting Habits: Early orthodontic attention can help modify detrimental habits like thumb sucking, which might interfere with proper oral development.

Guiding Growth: Dr. Chelian & our team plays a crucial role in influencing the alignment of your child’s permanent teeth by addressing the jaw and teeth structure early on, utilizing the presence of baby teeth as a guide.

At Aloha Orthodontics, we’re committed to setting the foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Schedule a consultation for your child and take the first step towards a proactive approach to their orthodontic health.

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