Virtual Invisalign Check

Virtual Invisalign Check Instructions

Get your Convenient Virtual Invisalign check with Dr. C!


We are offering you a virtual Invisalign check to allow you to stay in the comfort of your home while continuing to progress your treatment.

1. Using a smartphone, take a set of photos of your teeth without your trays out:

2. Take a set of photos of your teeth with your trays in:

3. Take a photo of your trays over a White Piece of paper so we can see what number you are on:

4. Text or e-mail your photos for Dr. C to review.


5. You will have a virtual appointment scheduled. Please take and send the photos within the week before or on your appointment date.


6. Our Clinical Director will follow up with you after Dr. C reviews your treatment.


7. Please Note: Invisalign checks in person are ALWAYS available and recommended if you have any issues so do not hesitate to schedule an appointment to have Dr. C check if you need!


Questions? Contact Us:


Summerlin 702-642-5642
North Las Vegas 702-648-2564


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