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Do I Need an Orthodontist?

Our smiles are a tremendously important part of being a human, using them to show joy and happiness. Unfortunately, some people often resist displaying their teeth, even in moments of pure pleasure, due to a lack of confidence. However, it does not have to be this way. At Aloha Orthodontics, we believe that everybody should be able to smile with love and confidence.

If you have found yourself shielding your mouth in the past to cover your smile, you may benefit from a visit to an orthodontist. Your orthodontist can provide you with all the instruments required to realign and straighten your teeth, leading to a beautiful smile.

Top 4 Issues An Orthodontist Can Help You Battle

Your Teeth are Misaligned

Unfortunately, misaligned teeth are a fairly common issue among children and adults and are one of the main reasons people take a trip down to their local orthodontists. In most cases, genetics and poor habits while growing up tend to play a significant role in the development of crooked teeth, leading to an enduring row of disordered dentition.

However, although having misaligned teeth can be common, they can still hinder our confidence and self-esteem, preventing us from showing our smiles. Thankfully, we should easily be able to fix this issue with a set of braces. If you have been struggling with misaligned teeth and would love to have them straightened, don’t hesitate to visit us at one of our two Las Vegas locations.

You Have Overcrowded Teeth

In some cases, too many teeth may grow in the same area, leading to your mouth developing an overcrowding issue. Although most orthodontists tie this problem to genetics, losing a core tooth too early during childhood may also result in overcrowding, as other teeth move to fill in that space. Alternatively, you may also develop this issue much later in life as your bone density reduces and your jaw bone shrinks.

In both cases, a skilled orthodontist should easily be able to fix any overcrowding issue you may have by using braces, invisible aligners, or other orthodontic treatment methods.

There are Gaps In Your Teeth

Having gaps between your teeth is one of the core reasons people choose to have orthodontic treatment. This condition is generally a result of growing teeth that are too small for your jaw bone, leading to spaces between two or more teeth. Naturally, as genes play a core role in our jaw and tooth size, this issue also tends to be hereditary.

On the other hand, gaps may form after the loss of an adult tooth. In such cases, failure to get dentures lead to a noticeable gap that results in a poor smile. In either case, the team at Aloha Orthodontics can help. Our practice has extensive experience helping bridge any gaps that may have formed in your tooth over time, leading to an improved smile. If you have gaps and have been searching for an orthodontist in Las Vegas, drop us a call or book a consultation on our website.

You Grind Your Teeth (Bruxism)

In some situations, you may catch yourself unconsciously crushing and clenching your teeth. Although this grinding may occur during moments of anxiety, it is more common during sleep. If you consistently wake up with a sharp headache or throbbing jaw, there is a high chance that you are currently battling bruxism, and you should seek help for this condition as soon as possible.

Don’t Delay Your Orthodontic Treatment

By diving into the root cause of your issues as early as possible, we can begin taking the necessary steps to straighten your teeth and get you smiling with confidence.

If you believe your teeth need special care, look no further than Aloha Orthodontics. We are a team of skilled specialists with several years of experience delivering orthodontic solutions to our patients in the Las Vegas area. Begin your journey to a straighter smile today by booking a virtual smile consultation or dropping by one of our two practices in Las Vegas.


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