“***BEST IN TOWN****

Being in the medical field and the type A person I am, I did alot of research and had consultations with 3 different orthodontists  (one who is supposedly highly ranked in the Las Vegas area) before deciding to go with Dr. Chelian.  Different orthodontists all gave me different treatment plans after doing the impressions.  One said I was only a candidate for braces.  Another said I could do invisalign but they would have to remove an entire front tooth and when it was done, the bottom tooth would not align symmetrically (like Tom Cruise’s asymmetrical teeth).  I wasn’t 100% satisfied with any of them.   How can 3 orthodontists provide such different treatment plans?

I have several friends who are dentists and oral surgeons so I asked them who they recommended.  They all recommended Dr. Chelian.  Dentists and oral surgeons should know who does good work because that’s their field so when I went to Dr. C for the initial consultation, he provided me a treatment plan with the exact results I wanted without having to remove any teeth.  One of the other orthodontists had also recommended I use an accelerator to help move my teeth faster.  It was also a few hundred dollars more.  When I asked Dr. C about it, he gave me his honest opinion and that it was optional.  He’s not trying to find ways to charge you more or sell you on extra necessary things so I definitely appreciated the honesty.

Both of his offices are far from where I live and work so it is a bit out of the way for me to go to my appointments but with the service and results I’ve received, it was well worth it.  The office also did their best to accommodate my busy work schedule and to make it as convenient as possible for me.

My teeth have been a little stubborn so a little over 2 years later, I am currently in the refinement stages.  I’ve gotten so many compliments on the results so far.  I should be done soon and I can say that I am so glad I chose Aloha Orthodontics.  The staff are always very nice and accommodating and I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Chelian.  Not all orthodontists can provide the same results.  Not only is Dr. C excellent at what he does, he is so caring and friendly to all his patients.  He addresses every little one of my concerns (even if they seem very trivial).  He really goes above and beyond what I expected!!!  I HIGHLY recommend Aloha Orthodontics!

Will post before and after pictures soon!!”

Posted on Yelp by Kim L.