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Orthodontist Las Vegas

Are you looking for a highly-qualified, knowledgeable orthodontist – Las Vegas who can take care of your need for braces or Invisalign trays? What about friendly staff at the front desk that makes you feel welcome and appreciated every time you visit or call? How about an orthodontist’s office that accepts most insurance plans and has flexible payment options? If these apply to you, and you live in the greater Las Vegas, Nevada area, be sure to call or stop by your new orthodontist’s office, Aloha Orthodontics.

Best Orthodontist – Las Vegas

At Aloha Orthodontics – Las Vegas, we understand that each patient has unique needs from our skilled orthodontists las vegas. That is why each patient receives an initial visit in which they meet with their orthodontist to discuss their specific needs and whether braces or Invisalign would be the best option for them. During their first visit, trained employees take x-rays, dental impressions, and photographs to serve as a baseline for the patient’s progress. This also helps the orthodontist to determine which option is best for them.

Both traditional braces as well as Invisalign correct dental problems such as overbite, under-bite, crooked teeth, and cross-bite. Both can be performed in the orthodontist’s office, and both give you the same end result-a straight, beautiful smile. There are great features of both treatment options.

Orthodontist Las Vegas

Las Vegas Invisalign Provider

Invisalign is a great option for those that want a great smile, but don’t want anyone to know! Invisalign Las Vegas is a very discreet method for straightening teeth. Your orthodontist – Las Vegas will create special Invisalign trays made just for you. As your smile straightens, you will be fitted with new trays. Some other benefits of using Invisalign are:

  • Brushing and flossing is a breeze, so keeping up with your oral health is easy;
  • There are no wires or metal with Invisalign that could irritate your lips, cheeks, or gums;
  • Feel free to eat any foods you enjoy, as there are no worries about food sticking;

Another good option for getting straight teeth is braces. Braces work by providing gentle pressure upon the teeth, which help them slowly straighten out. Braces are a great option for those that want to make a statement by showing off their taste. You can choose from all sorts of colors to coordinate with any holiday, special occasion, or just your mood! After you get your braces in orthodontist Las Vegas, you will come to the office approximately once a month to have them adjusted. Your orthodontist will make sure your progress is right on track and answer any questions you may have. You will be showing off your new smile in no time!

Getting a great smile is easier than you may think. At Aloha Orthodontics, we make sure each patient’s

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