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Need Braces in Las Vegas? Planning Can Save You Money!

Whether you or your child need braces, you might be feeling overwhelmed with the choice of what type of braces may serve you best and concerned with finding an affordable option with an experienced orthodontist. If you live in the North Las Vegas or Summerlin Las Vegas areas, there are some great options available to you!

Types of Braces  

When considering braces there are a few main types you can consider. Of course, your orthodontist may recommend a certain kind of braces over another for many reasons. You or your child’s specific orthodontic issue may be better suited to a particular type of braces. Your orthodontist may offer or prefer to work with one type of braces over another.  

Metal Braces   

Five types of braces are typically used. The first and most traditional option is metal braces. These are the “original” braces and have come a long way in the over one hundred years that they have been used as a treatment! Metal braces are typically used for children or teen patients. They are usually the least expensive option. A wire is connected to the braces with ties that can be different colors – usually exciting for kids and teens to pick out each time they get an adjustment! The adjustments are generally made about once a month or so.

Metal braces can be a good option for kids because they don’t have to remember to take out the braces and put them back in. However, there is a learning curve for kids brushing and performing good oral hygiene with metal braces. For adults, metal braces can be a good option, but some adults do not like how noticeable they can be. 

Almost all orthodontists offer metal braces.

Lingual Braces  

What are lingual braces? There’s a good chance you may have never heard of this type of braces. 

Lingual braces go on the back of your teeth! The application of lingual braces is more complicated than traditional metal braces. However, since they are on the back of your teeth, you can keep your smile brace-free throughout the process. Lingual braces are not as widely offered as traditional metal and other types of braces. However, in the North Vegas and Summerlin areas, some orthodontists specialize in this type of orthodontic appliance!

Ceramic Braces  

Ceramic braces are like metal braces except they are tooth-colored. This offers the benefits of traditional braces while allowing the patients a more discreet option. A lot of adults and teens prefer ceramic braces to metal braces because their smile is less affected by the look of braces. Many of the orthodontists in the Vegas area offer ceramic braces. 

Self-Ligating Braces

Although self-ligating braces are less common than metal or ceramic braces, they work similarly. The difference between metal or ceramic braces and self-ligating braces is that they have clips to hold the wire to the braces instead of elastic ties. The clips take less time to adjust and may be a good option for kids or adults who may have difficulty sitting still in the orthodontist’s chair for adjustments. They can be metal or clear like ceramic braces. 

Clear Aligners  

Clear aligners, including Invisalign, are a popular option, especially with adults and teens who need orthodontic treatment and do not like the look of traditional braces and who want the flexibility of being able to remove the trays when they eat, play sports, etc. Since aligners are the preferred option of many, we’ll cover more on aligners than traditional braces as an orthodontic treatment here. 

An important thing to consider with aligners is that you must remember to put them in and take them out for the treatment to be effective. They are generally a more costly option. However, Las Vegas orthodontists offer Invisalign and other clear aligners and sometimes have payment plan options for those who prefer the more discreet aligners over traditional and other types of braces. 

Clear aligners are often a good option for patients who have minor orthodontic issues to correct. They require less office time for adjustments and flexibility to keep eating the foods you enjoy and brush and floss your teeth without the obstruction that comes with other types of braces. They also usually require fewer adjustments and time at the orthodontist. 


Braces and orthodontic treatments are an investment in you or your child’s smile. Whether you or your child need braces or choose to get braces to correct your smile for cosmetic reasons, you want to make sure you know all your financing options.

Several factors affect the cost of braces. The type of braces used, the orthodontist and his or her experience level, the area in which you live, and the length of time for which you need the treatment are some of the factors which affect cost. Many insurance providers will cover some of the cost of braces for children and adolescents. Adults often have fewer insurance options available for the coverage of braces and orthodontic treatment. You may also be able to have a flexible spending plan to pay for your treatment. Many orthodontists in the North Las Vegas and Summerlin Las Vegas areas offer financing for braces. 

Best of luck to you in your search for a perfect smile!  


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