Important Facts about Invisalign Teeth-Straightening Procedure

Getting straight teeth and a beautiful smile is a goal that can be accomplished even if you are an adult. There are many new methods for straightening teeth rather than the traditional braces which we all know. Invisalign is a great example of these new teeth-straightening methods that dentists provide these days to patients.


Invisalign Las Vegas is perfect for adults who want to straighten their teeth without wearing braces seeable by everyone. Invisalign consists of clear aligners that can barely be noticed by others and you can easily eat, as well as drink with them. Special 3D technology is used for each patient to create a treatment plan for reaching the alignment needed for the patient. The procedure includes changing different aligners every two weeks that are specifically created for the patient depending on the data from the 3D technology. The treatment plan is shown by the technology from the initial alignment of the teeth to the final alignment wanted by the patient and the dentist. The trays used for the straightening are made out of thermoplastic material.


The fact that trays are changed every two weeks means that you will have to visit the dentist more often than the regular braces, but since the movement of the teeth is made gradually and in a very small degree each time, there is no pain. Braces are often associated with a lot of pain because the adjustments are made every six weeks and the movement required by the adjustment is greater in degree compared to the one with Invisalign Las Vegas. Therefore, it is only a slight discomfort that patient may feel during the first days after each new tray.


If you have made up your mind to choose Invisalign Las Vegas, then your first treatment visit to the orthodontist is about to happen. During this first visit the doctor will take molds of your teeth. This is not painful but it can be quite unpleasant. This process takes less than ten minutes. Afterwards, the doctor sends these molds to Invisalign Las Vegas. On your next appointment with your doctor you will be shown a video customized for your teeth where the whole shifting of the teeth during the treatment plan will be seeable. It is quite motivating and many people get excited about the treatment once they see the video. You are required to approve the video in order to continue with the treatment.


Once you have approved, the trays are shipped to your orthodontist. Then you will be instructed how to use each tray. Then you are ready to start the treatment plan and visit your orthodontist every two weeks for the next tray. Many patients wonder if they will have problems speaking once they have Invisalign on their teeth. It is possible to have some temporary difficulty speaking completely normally for a very short period of time. It usually lasts no longer than two days. Once your tongue is used to having the aligners on your teeth, you will have no problem speaking perfectly normally.


Another thing patients wonder is if Invisalign is painful. Invisalign is basically painless compared to the traditional braces due to the small movements made by each tray. It is possible for discomfort to be present for the first two days and a very slight amount of pain. It is important to keep each new tray for at least 22 hours every day once you start the treatment. This means you will have approximately around two hours each day to eat, as well as brush teeth. It is important not to take any food as you wear the tray. It is possible to not wear the trays four hours each day, but the treatment plan is based on not wearing them only two hours each day. This means you will lengthen the treatment time if you wear them a smaller amount of time.


Taking proper care of your teeth and the trays is also very important. Brushing teeth after each meal is absolutely necessary. Brushing the trays as well is also recommended. This is made in order to avoid having any odor. Brushing both surfaces of the trays will help reduce it. Flossing every day is also highly recommended. Using a cleaning agent for the retainer is also very important for proper Invisalign care. Soaking the trays in water with the cleaning agent is recommended at least once every day.


It takes effort to reach the goal you want, but Invisalign Las Vegas can bring you the smile you want and improve your oral health.

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