Finding the Right Braces For You

Securing that perfect smile can be a challenge for millions of Americans.  From crooked teeth to the alignment of the jaw, there are many things that can get in the way.  Thankfully, a whole host of braces exist to help.  Although braces are more frequently associated with metal wiring, they do not necessarily have to be designed that way.  From the basic set-up to new and exciting designs, there are now a variety of designs to choose from.  Let us review what is currently available and see what works for you.

1.  The Metal Braces

The most recognizable design, the metal braces consist of individual brackets glued to each tooth.  A metal wiring holds everything in place, and helps straighten teeth into a smile.  The plus side is that metal braces are relatively inexpensive to set up, and available nearly everywhere.  The downside is that foods often get stuck in the braces, and flossing is very difficult.

2.  Ceramic Braces

Where as metal braces are easily visible, ceramic braces are the opposite.  All that is visible is the metal wire running between the teeth.  Ceramic braces are a little more expensive then metal braces, but pose less of a challenge when chewing, eating, and flossing.  In addition, they are not as strong as metal braces. We have high demand of Ceramic Braces from patients in Summerlin and Las Vegas area.

3.  Lingual Braces

Lingual Braces are very similar to metal braces, with a single exception.  Lingual braces are placed on the back side of the teeth, instead of the front side.  As a result, your smile is not ruined.  The primary downside is that they are more difficult to put into place and are generally more expensive then metal braces.

4.  Invisalign Clear Braces

These braces are essentially invisible, especially when compared to every other type of braces covered so far.  The braces are created from a mold of your teeth, and they fit over your teeth throughout the day.  They are removed when you brush your teeth and floss.  The major downside is that they are typically much more expensive then metal braces. Of late many patients coming into our Summerlin and Las Vegas offices prefer Invisalign Braces.

5.  Invisible Braces

A kind of metal braces, the invisible braces have become increasingly popular.  Colored to your teeth, the braces blend into your smile, and hence look like they are not even around.  Being metal, they are cheaper then many other alternatives out there, while also not ruining your smile.

In addition to the kinds of braces listed here, there are also many other kinds that you may be interested in.  Regardless on what you eventually decide, talk to your Orthodontist for a professional opinion.

Hopefully this article provided you more information on choosing the right braces for your teeth.

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