Advantages of Invisible Braces

Five Advantages of Invisible Braces Las Vegas

Misaligned or crooked teeth do not only look unsightly, they also make cleaning the gums and teeth difficult, and this can lead to other oral health problems. Invisible braces Las Vegas are a popular option for straightening teeth due to the fact that the braces are not visible or painful. Invisalign Las Vegas offers these invisible braces to people who choose invisible braces over the traditional styles of braces. Here are the five main advantages of invisible braces.

  1. Appearance

Metal braces affect our smile because of the chunks of metal attached to the teeth and the wires connecting them. They are very noticeable, and it is easy to get food stuck in them. Invisalign braces are clear and are hard to notice. It is hard to know if someone is wearing clear braces unless you really look for them.

  1. Comfort

Unlike metal braces, Invisalign can be removed when it is necessary. This can be done when eating or drinking, which can avoid the braces moving around or getting damaged. Some people will also remove their braces when they play sports, but this is not recommended. Their ability to be removed means that new braces are made regularly. Unlike metal braces, the new set of clear braces is made and can be slipped on comfortably.

  1. Safety

Metal braces can easily damage the inside of the mouth with the wire or the metal attachments, which can make them extremely painful. Clear braces are made from smooth plastic that slides right over the teeth. There is also no demineralization with clear braces, so this makes them a great option for people with weaker teeth. These clear braces can also help lower the risk of cavities and gum disease.

  1. Length of the Treatment

Most people who have used clear braces had a shorter treatment time than they would have had with metal braces. Most cases will take from a year to a year and a half to treat with Invisalign Las Vegas. However, it can take longer depending on the individual case.

  1. What to Expect

There are no surprises with clear braces. During a consultation, your mouth will be digitally mapped, and a plan will be created using this map. The computerization of your mouth allows the plan to be created and to know what areas are going to be treated when and for how long. This plan will be updated as you go for additional visits. However, most times the teeth follow the planned time.

Metal braces work on a trial and error system, which can make some problems worse and could even make new problems. If you want a great smile in a short time, you do not have the time to waste on seeing if something is going to work or not.


Invisalign Las Vegas is an excellent option for improving your smile, without the look or embarrassment that braces can have. These braces are more comfortable for many users, and the results appear in a shorter period of time. This makes invisible braces Las Vegas the best option for your smile.

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