iTero Invisalign Scanner

Patients enjoy the lack of impressions and prefer the scanner, appreciating the advanced technologies we bring to their orthodontic care.

– Dr. Michael Mayhew, Orthodontist, Boone, NC

10X Fewer Rejections

Invisalign production data shows that only 0.4% of intraoral scans are rejected compared to 4% of PVS impressions. iTero can minimize the need to recall patients and re-take impressions.

7X Fewer Fit Issues

An Invisalign study conducted in 2011 found seven times fewer fit issues occurred with scanning versus PVS impressions.

PVS Scan

Traditional Impression

iTero scan

iTero Digital Scan

50% Faster Clincheck Setups

By eliminating shipping delays, ClinCheck treatment plans using iTero scans typically are posted 50% faster than for cases using PVS

Better Patient Experience

The iTero scanner eliminates the mess and gagging associated with PVS impressions.

Simulated outcomes for patients

Introducing the Invisalign Outcome Simulator, powered exclusively by your iTero scanner. The Invisalign Outcome Simulator helps patients visualize how their teeth may look at the end of Invisalign treatment.

10X Fewer Rejections – Based on analysis of 170,000+ Invisalign cases

7X Fewer Fit Issues – Based on analysis of 400,000+ Invisalign cases

50% Faster Clincheck Setups – Based on analysis of 193,000+ Invisalign cases

iTero Invisalign Scanner

iTero Element Patient Brochure

iTero Element Intraoral Scanner