Boil & Bite Mouthguard Basics

The Disclaimers & Link for Boil & Bite Mouthguards:


1. THIS IS ONLY A TEMPORARY OPTION given the current pandemic and you need to Coordinate with your Orthodontist.


2. There may still be a risk of teeth shifting, especially if you do not properly follow the instructions.


3. This is a very Technique Sensitive option.


4. It is only recommended to wear it between a few minutes to a few hours a day (pending comfort & your specific situation).


5. ONLY use if you do not experience any discomfort or have jaw issues. If any unfavorable symptoms start, discontinue using and call your Orthodontist or Dentist if you cannot reach your Orthodontist.


We are happy to help if you need us 🙂

Boil & Bite Video Instructions:

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